Plotting field maps with the desplot package

Kevin Wright



This short note shows how to plot a field map from an agricultural experiment and why that may be useful.

R setup

knitr::opts_chunk$set(fig.align="center", fig.width=6, fig.height=6)

Example 1

First, a plot of the experimental design of the oats data from Yates (1935).

Example 2

This next example is from Ryder (1981). Fit an ordinary RCB model with fixed effects for block and genotype. Plot a heatmap of the residuals.

Note the largest positive/negative residuals are adjacent to each other, perhaps caused by the original data values being swapped. Checking with experiment investigators (managers, data collectors, etc.) is recommended.


Ryder, K. 1981. “Field Plans: Why the Biometrician Finds Them Useful.” Experimental Agriculture 17: 243–56.

Yates, Frank. 1935. “Complex Experiments.” Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Suppl 2: 181–247.