Minimum requirements for MetaData scheme based on dmdScheme


Rainer M Krug


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This document outlines the minimum requirements for metadata schemes derived from dmdScheme so that all functions in the dmdScheme package will work.


  1. Tab name has to be identical to propertySet value (Cell A:2 in the tab Experiment, B:1 in other tabs)

  2. One tab named Experiment is required This tab is different to the others as it has

    1. horizontal layout
    2. only one value per property allowed
    3. the top-right cell, i.e. the one above the values to be entered, contains the word DATA, name of the scheme and version of the scheme separated by a space, e.g. DATA emeScheme v0.9.5
  3. One tab named DataFileMetaData is required

    • one column named dataFileName
  4. Each tab except Experiment and DataFileMetaData needs an ID field
    Applies to all tabs except Experiment and `DataFileMetaData

    • The first column in the tab must be a column named ...ID.
  5. The spreadsheet can contain a tab DOCUMENTATION This tab can contain information for the user and will not be imported.