Travis Build Status # rlc

This package is an R wrapper for the JavaScript linked-charts library. rlc is an easy to use instrument for interactive data visualisation. It allows to open interactive charts either in the RStudio Viewer or in the default browser window and on the fly process information about user’s action (clicking, hovering with mouse, selecting points) in the running R session. This makes it easy to link the charts so that clicks on one of them change the state of the others.


To install rlc from GitHub use the following commands:


Types of charts

Currently supported types of charts are: - lc_heatmap - heatmap - lc_scatter - scatter plot - lc_beeswarm - bee swarm plot (either vertical or horizontal) - lc_line - lines, defined by sets of X and Y coordinates - lc_abLine - lines, defined by slope (a) and intercept (b) values - lc_vLine - vertical lines - lc_hLine - horizontal lines - lc_dens - density plot - lc_hist - histogram - lc_bars - bar chart

Other elements


To see how it works, have a look at these tutorials.